If you pose the questions at the start of this bulletin to someone who doesn’t regularly maintain swimming pools, you might receive a wide range and variety of answers. But if you ask a trained service technician who services pools daily, and who is responsible for the cleanliness of your pool and the clarity of the water, you will consistently hear the same answer: D.E. filters (Diatomaceous Earth) are the best! If your filter is working fine, there is obviously no need to replace it, but if you are faced with the need to install a new filter or replace an old one, please consider the following points:

  • All three types of filters are used within the pool industry. The warmer the pool water becomes, the more efficient the filter needs to be. Sand and cartridge filters work best in cooler climates, but in the western states, where pool water temperatures often reach the 90’s, they aren’t nearly as effective as D.E. filters.
  • The cost differences between the sand and D.E. filters are minimal, with cartridge filters being the least expensive. If you are looking for dollar value without headaches, the D.E. filter will give you that and more!
  • A D.E. filter requires less time and effort to maintain in optimum working condition. Although most problems experienced by sand and cartridge filter owners are caused by improper maintenance, even a perfectly maintained cartridge or sand filter cannot match the efficiency ofa D.E. filter.
  • As measured by the size of particle it can remove, a D.E. filter is 7 times more efficient than a cartridge filter, and 15 times more efficient than a sand filter.
  • A D.E. filter is the best choice for those who must keep the pool clean and clear, for those who swim in the water, and for those who enjoy the look of sparkling, crystal clear water in their backyard pool.