Pool Tile Refinishing in Houston, TX

Most residential pools are built with a ring of decorative ceramic tile at the water line. Aside from adding an attractive splash of color, pool tile serves a practical purpose: as water evaporates, it leaves behind oils, salts, and trace minerals. The tile “catches” all of these dissolved solids, preventing them from staining or marring the pool plaster. Over time, the tile will start looking gray, cloudy, or even a little bit crusty. The tile cleaning products they sell at the pool store are pricey, difficult to use, and not terribly effective. Replacing the tile outright can cost thousands of dollars.

There is an economical solution to dingy pool tile. Our friends at Tile Blasters use a unique “micro burst” pressurized cleaning system to scour your tile and grout, removing build-up and impurities, and restoring the tile to its original beauty. A silicon coating is applied to the newly-cleaned tile, helping to repel build-ups, and giving the tile a pleasant luster. Tile Blasters can make the dingiest tile look like new! Contact our office for more information.