Tile and Grout Stain Removal

Decorative tile in swimming pools serves a dual purpose: it’s designed to enhance the pool’s appearance, and it also serves as a durable, relatively easy to clean surface to catch oils, dirt, pollen, and other foreign matter that collects at the water line.  Over time, tiled surfaces will start to look dull and dirty, even in the most carefully maintained pools.   Plaster surfaces tend to last 8 to 10 years.  While replastering restores the beauty of worn, stained pool surfaces, it also brings out the dinginess of that aging tile.  The problem is that adding retiling to a replastering job can double or triple your cost.

There is an alternative.  Our friends at TileBlasters specialize in restoring tired plaster to its original beauty.  TileBlasters uses a unique pressurized system to scour dirty grout and tile, without damaging the surface.  You get like-new tile, at a fraction of the cost of retiling!  For more information about TileBlasters, call our office!”