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Pelican Pool Service will save you time and money. Our pool service is the most carefree water service available. There is no need to buy chlorine, acid, algae controls, or worry about storage. Your children and pets are safe from harmful chemicals. Your pool is treated with the exact amount of chemicals to keep it clear, blue, and algae free. Pelican Pool Service is the best Houston pool service available.

We believe you should spend your time enjoying your pool and backyard, not working on it. Our expert staff is fully committed to providing our clients with the most convenient, easy and affordable pool care possible.Service Matters to us. The professional team of service technicians at Pelican Pool Service strives to exceed our client’s expectations at every point of service.

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Our Services:

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Cleaning Services

Looking for the ultimate in trouble-free pool ownership? Weekly cleaning service might be the perfect fit!
Chemical maintenance, plus skimming, sweeping, and vacuuming: full service is Total Care!

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