Pelican Pools FAQS:

WHAT DOES PELICAN DO? Each time our technicians visit your pool, we test the pool water chemistry, and add all of the pool chemicals necessary to keep your water balanced, sanitized, and ready for swimming. When there’s algae, we brush it.

HOW MUCH DOES THE SERVICE COST? We charge $84 a month for our service, tax included.  The charge covers our visits and all the chemicals we apply to your pool.  You don’t have to store chemicals on your property, run to the pool store to buy extra chemicals, or worry about surcharges for “extra chemicals” after bad weather: $84 a month covers all your pool chemical needs!

DO I HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT?  No! Our service is performed on a “month to month” basis.  There’s no contract to sign, and no penalty for stopping service.  Our job is to provide you reliable, consistent service, at a reasonable price.  We have to prove ourselves, every visit.

HOW OFTEN IS MY POOL SERVICED? Pelican requires 40-42 visits per year to keep the water in proper chemical balance. From April through September a technician will service your pool each week. During the cooler months, the pool is serviced every other week. Our monthly charge is based on year- round service, divided into twelve equal payments.  Our office is closed Thanksgiving Week and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

WHAT ABOUT ALGAE? We guarantee your pool will be algae-free with Pelican, provided your pool equipment is in good working order, and your pump is set to run for an adequate amount of time each day. If you notice algae, cloudy water, or other issues, call your office immediately, and we will send a troubleshooter to your home, at no extra charge to you.  Don’t add chemicals yourself!  And please instruct children on the importance of using the bathroom before going into the pool. Peeing in the pool causes problems: Uric acid neutralizes pool chemicals almost instantly, causing eye irritation, skin discomfort, and algae growth.

DOES PELICAN VACUUM THE POOL? Cleaning services, such as vacuuming, emptying baskets, and backwashing the filter, are not included in the chemical service.  We do offer cleaning services, for an additional charge.  Please contact our office for details.

WHEN CAN I SWIM? Please do not swim for 30 minutes after your service visit. It takes about a half-hour for the chemicals to stabilize and evenly distribute through the pool. Our chemicals are perfectly safe for your pool equipment, so there is no need to turn off your pool pump after the pool is serviced.

DOES PELICAN DO REPAIRS? We do not provide repairs.  We have a long relationship with Mike Lowe, of Houstonian Pools.  We’ve worked with Mike for more than 15 years.  He’s honest, skilled, and reliable.  We highly recommend him!  When you need anything from a filter cleaning to a pump motor replacement, give Mike a call: 281-330-8484.

ACCESS TO POOL: Please make sure that our technician has access to your pool.  Many customers Keep all unfriendly or aggressive dogs inside or separated from the pool area while service is performed. Our technicians are conscientious about keeping gates closed, but dogs sometimes find a way to get out. It’s easier

POOL COVER: If your pool has a cover on it, it should be removed or folded back the day of service. This affords your service technician access, enabling him to properly apply the necessary chemicals.

BILLING POLICY: Your account is billed on the first of each month for the current month of service. Past due is the 20th of the month. If your payment is not received by this time, a delinquent balance may show on your next statement. Billing is generally done electronically, via email, but if you want a paper statement, we can arrange that.

ONLINE PAYMENTS: Pelican Pool Service accepts all major credit cards.  We also accept payment by paper check and via bank draft.  Electronic payments can be made through our website.  We can also set up your account for automatic payments.  Contact our office for details!

ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN FEES? The average Houston-area pool uses about 30 pounds of cyanuric acid each year. This chemical acts as a stabilizer, protecting chlorine from the effects of heat and sunlight.  In our aggressive Texas climate, cyanuric acid is essential to protect pool water chlorine levels.  Many companies charge their customers a “conditioner fee” for cyanuric acid.  Other companies charge their customers for extra chemicals after a heavy rainfall.  That never happens with Pelican Pool Service: come blistering heat or tropical storms, your price doesn’t change.  There’s never a hidden fee, trip surcharge, or any other added cost!

FREE SERVICE WITH REFERRAL: We are happy to give you a month’s FREE chemical service for any referral who becomes a customer and mentions your name.

STAINING: Pool water is filled with microscopic impurities, including trace amounts of copper, iron, calcium, and manganese.  This is a particular problem if your home is supplied by well water.  Over time, these tiny particles will “fall out” of the water, leaving discolorations on plastic fittings and pool surfaces. Pelican employs specially formulated “sequestering agents” to attack these stains, and refresh the appearance of your pool.  Call us for details.

OTHER PLASTER ISSUES: Flaws in the preparation and application of a plaster surface will eventually lead to mottling, spot etching, and other serious issues.  Sometimes it takes years for these issues to present themselves, and unfortunately, there is little short of replastering that can be done to remedy them.  If you’re concerned about your plaster, please contact our office, and we’ll do our best to help!

WHO WILL BE SERVICING MY POOL? Your service technician is thoroughly trained and skilled at applying the chemicals to your pool.  Many of our technicians have more than a decade of pool service experience, and have made tens of thousands of service visits. If you ever have a problem or concern about your service, please contact our office.  We will happily work with you to make things right!