Pelican Pools FAQS:

WHAT DO YOU DO? Each time our technicians visit your pool, we test the pool water chemistry, and add all of the pool chemicals necessary to keep your pool balanced, sanitized, and ready for swimming.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? We charge $72 a month for our service, tax included.  The charge covers our visits and all the chemicals we apply to your pool.  You don’t have to store chemicals on your property, run to the pool store to buy extra chemicals, or worry about surcharges for “extra chemicals” after bad weather: for $72 a month, we do it all!

HOW OFTEN DO WE SERVICE? Pelican usually requires 36 visits per year to keep the water in proper chemical balance. From May through September a technician will service your pool each week. During the cooler months, the pool is serviced every other week. Our service charge is based on year- round service divided into twelve equal payments.

ALGAE: We guarantee your pool will be algae-free if Pelican is used all year round. Please do not add any other chemicals to your pool. And please instruct children on the importance of using the bathroom before going into the pool. Uric acid from urine will neutralize pool chemicals almost instantly and cause eye irritation.

ACCESS TO POOL:Please have the gate unlocked the day of service or furnish us with a key. Keep all unfriendly dogs inside while the pool is being serviced. Pelican Pool Service will attempt to do all within its power to insure that your animals do not leave the yard during our service visit; however, we will not be responsible for lost pets and ask your cooperation in this matter.

OUR CHEMICAL SERVICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Cleaning services, such as vacuuming, brushing, or backwashing the filter.

POOL COVER: If your pool has a cover on it, it should be removed or folded back the day of service. Please assist us on this matter.

WHEN CAN YOU SWIM? You may swim just 30 minutes after the service visit. Our chemicals are perfectly safe for your pool equipment, so there is no need to turn off your pool pump after the pool is serviced.

BILLING POLICY:Service is payable in advance, and billed on the first of each month for the current month of service. Past due is the 20th of the month. If you balance is not received by this time, a delinquent balance will show on your next statement. If no payment is received by the 15th of the following month, service will be discontinued until we receive payment. There will be a $15.00 charge for all returned checks.

ANNUAL CONDITIONING FEE: Pelican Pool Service charges a $ 15.00 spring stabilizer fee. The average pool uses about 30 pounds of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) each year. Over the winter months the stabilizer is diluted because of excessive rains. This annual charge helps us defray the cost of reconditioning the pool water in preparation for the summer heat, sun and swimming pleasure. This annual fee is added in the April billing.

FREE SERVICE WITH REFERRAL: We are happy to give you a month’s FREE chemical service for any referral who becomes a customer and mentions your name.

STAINING: The mineral content of your water increases every day. This is due to evaporation which removes only distilled water and leaves the minerals behind. In time, these minerals begin depositing on the walls of the pool and we call this gradual buildup “staining”. Chlorine and filtering can keep the water sanitary and crystal clear, however, they have no effect upon minerals. This is a completely separate and unique issue which requires another type of product. Pelican encourages all of its customers to consider using a “Sequestering” chelating agent, or stain prevention, to protect their investment from mineral stains. By doing so, it may eliminate or postpone the need of having to acid wash the pool. Pelican has available to its customers what we consider the best “Sequestering” agent on the market today. For more information, please call our office.

YOUR SERVICE MAN is thoroughly trained and skilled at applying the chemicals to your pool. However, should you have questions, and most certainly have any problems, please contact the Manager directly so that you obtain an immediate response. In this way, we may assure you of a satisfying and productive relationship.