16 03, 2016

What is the best type of swimming pool filter?

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If you pose the questions at the start of this bulletin to someone who doesn't regularly maintain swimming pools, you might receive a wide range and variety of answers. But if you ask a trained service technician who services pools daily, and who is responsible for the cleanliness of your pool and the clarity of [...]

16 03, 2016

The Most Common Pool Filters

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Sand Filters: The outside of this type of filter is usually made out of fiberglass or stainless steel, and it is partially filled with silica sand. As water circulates from the pool through the filter, water enters at the top and percolates downward, leaving most of the oils, debris, and other impurities trapped in the [...]

16 03, 2016

Determining if Pool Filter Needs Attention

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Check the flow of water from the retun jets. If the return flow is strong and steady, the filter is fine. If the return flow is weak and sluggish, it's time to tend to the filter. Filters are equipped with pressure gauges, but these gauges are notoriously innaccurate. As a very general rule of thumb, [...]

16 03, 2016

Why is filter efficiency Important?

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Water clarity depends on three factors: proper chemicals balances, adequate daily circulation, and quality filtration. Your pool needs a combination of filtration, circulation, and chlorination to stay clear, blue, and ready for swimming. Most pool owners understand the importance of chemical treatments in pool water maintenance. What is less understood is the vital role the [...]